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The ThoughtStretchers Education Podcast

Apr 24, 2018

Drew Perkins talks with Round Rock ISD Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Ryan Smith, about his work to democratize leadership to help teachers and schools have a voice in growing their schools, classrooms, and schools.

Apr 10, 2018

Drew Perkins talks with Mike Hourahine, CEO and Co-Founder of Edio, a PBL and Design Thinking Edtech Platform, about their work and lessons learned that PBL teachers might find useful. 

Apr 8, 2018

Drew Perkins talks with John Ewing, President of Math for America about how they support and grow math and science teachers and how math teaching and learning might be better and much different. 

Apr 5, 2018

Drew Perkins talks with Ted Dintersmith about his experiences visiting schools and leaders in all 50 states following his first book and documentary "Most Likely To Succeed" which led to his new book, "What School Could Be".

Apr 4, 2018

Drew Perkins talks with Playworks President, Elizabeth Cushing, and  Sara Shorey, Principal of Adams Elementary about using social-emotional learning to help kids navigate the world of play more productively.